Top Features To Check And Seek In New Air Conditioners!

Older air conditioners and HVAC units must be replaced after a decade or so. With years of extensive use, air conditioners may require more energy and power to keep the house cooler, and given that temperatures in summers have been rising every passing year, ACs anyway have to work harder for maintaining temperatures as per settings. The good news is new air conditioners have all the latest features that homeowners would expect and need, and there’s something for every budget. If you need programmable thermostats, you can also find choices, such as Trane XL824. In this post, we are discussing the features you need in a new AC.

  • Energy Star rating. While this is not technically a feature, but you need an air conditioner that comes with a good rating. A 3-star rating is an absolute must, although a 5-star Energy Star rating is more desirable.
  • Variable speed compressor. Most of the older ACs had compressors that worked at the same speed when in use, but with variable-speed models, the benefits are real, as far as maintaining optimal temperatures is concerned.

  • Almost all new models have a thermostat that has a digital readout. The thermostat allows the user to have precise control on indoor air, and as required, the unit will shut on off to maintain temperatures.
  • Smart control. A lot of air conditioners can be now connected to your phone and smart devices for easy control. This is a huge advantage for central units, which often need to be controlled remotely. In fact, Wi-fi enabled ACs are quite a rage at the moment.
  • Air purifier. ACs can even remove airborne particles, dust, lint and pollen from the air and keep the indoor environment as clean as possible. If you don’t mind paying a tad more, don’t shy away from selecting an air conditioner that can do more than just cooling your home.

Things to know

Every brand has its own line of air conditioners, and it is always wise to compare the features with the price as needed. You want to be absolutely sure that the model will stand the test of time for at least a few years. With air conditioners, installation and maintenance are important aspects to consider, and you may want to call an AC repair company and ask for an estimate in advance.

Their experts should be able to guide on the kind of model you may need for your home.